Keeping you safe during covid-19

Here at Prana IV Therapy, we've always been a little bit "Type A" when it comes to keeping our clinic clean & sanitized, and practicing expert sterile technique.

The health landscape at present calls for extra levels of protection & vigilance. We are committed to keeping our clients and RNs safe & healthy.

Here are some the changes we've made in light of this new, socially-distanced world, and answers to frequently asked questions:

If You Have Symptoms of Illness

If you have symptoms (fever, dry cough, shortness of breath) or have been exposed and want an IV, don't come to the clinic - but please do call us. At this time we are not seeing sick patients in our clinic as we have a number of immuno-suppressed clients that require frequent IV therapy even during this crisis, but we do have options for you!

  • Mobile Visit: We do have mobile RNs with masks/PPE who believe it's their duty to help during this crisis. We will try our best to get someone out to you to provide fluids & keep you hydrated!
  • Telemedicine Visit: Our physician, Dr. Ken Ota, D.O., is offering telemedicine visits for $50 for anyone, inside & outside his concierge practice. Call his office at 480-365-8035 to schedule a 20 minute virtual appointment.


We have made NO CHANGES to our hours. 

7 days/week, 8AM-8PM, both in-clinic & mobile service.

Depending on any shelter-in-place orders or curfews those hours could shift, so check our website if you're going to walk-in.

I update the website & Google Maps daily, so if there is any change I will announce it on our homepage, on social, on Google Maps, and in our hours graphics throughout the site.

We provide infusions that are medically necessary for various patients with doctor-ordered programs of treatment (critical iron levels, antibiotic infusions, etc) who rely on us for access to their medications. We have no plans to close at this time.


We have established some new protocols & ramped up some old ones to keep our clinic safe:

  • We thoroughly sanitize each guest chair & table between guests
  • We sanitize the bathroom several times every day
  • We sanitize hourly every surface that is frequently touched (handles, knobs, etc)
  • We have removed all magazines from our clinic
  • We have a table in the waiting room with masks - please put one on if you have ANY symptoms of any illness at all, even a sniffle!
  • Feel free to put on a mask if you feel more comfortable, regardless of symptoms
  • Hand sanitizer is available in the lobby - please put some on when you enter & before you leave
  • Our chairs are spaced out to provide about 6 feet between each person
  • Our chairs are separated with curtains
  • We only allow a maximum of 7 people in the clinic at a time, and maintain distancing.
  • You can pay using touchless methods like Apple Pay, etc
  • You can fill out your waiver before you come in, or we will ask you the questions & fill in/sign on our iPad with your authorization at your appointment.

We're Here For You

If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call or text any time at 480-202-4993

If you're already our customer, you know that when you call - we answer! Kirk is who you'll probably talk to, and as a Certified Emergency Nurse he has over 10 years of experience in ERs all over the valley. He's also the owner of Prana, and he deeply cares about our family's business & all our absolutely wonderful clients.

We are here help keep you calm through this crisis, to provide tools that you can use to hopefully boost your immunity and stay safe, and to help with resources if you are experiencing symptoms.

We will get through this crisis together! (But not too close together, of course!) 😉

The Wilson's


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About Jamie Wilson

Jamie Wilson is Director of Marketing at Prana IV Therapy. Passionate about all things health & wellness, Jamie loves being a part of a company whose mission is to provide patient-focused innovative wellness services with absolute integrity and impeccability of quality standards, nursing standards, level of service and care, and ease and convenience of access to affordable health & wellness therapies.