About Prana IV Therapy

Phoenix IV Hydration Wellness, Your Way

What is Prana?

Prana means vital life force. Call it energy, or wellness, or chi. Whatever what you call it, everybody wants more of it! At Prana IV Therapy, we bring the wellness to your door with mobile IV hydration!

Wellness-based health care is the key to increasing that life force and helping you feel energetic, healthy & sharp. Proper hydration, vitamins, minerals & antioxidants are essential for wellness to flow!

What is IV Therapy?

IV hydration therapy provides your body with a flood of balanced hydration & nutrients that are absorbed more efficiently than through digestion. An IV drip can give you an instant boost of energy, and helps provide the tools your body needs to effectively fight of illnesses & bring your health into balance.

Who is Prana IV Therapy?

Prana IV Therapy is a Scottsdale IV bar & a mobile IV therapy service.

We deliver IV hydration therapy to your home, hotel or office - anywhere in Phoenix! - at your convenience, making it easy to feel your best.

Whether you are looking to bio-hack your health & improve performance, or you suffer from migraines, the flu, a stomach bug, chronic fatigue, heat exhaustion, jet lag, or a nasty hangover, we bring the power of IV hydration therapy to you so you can feel better, fast.


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Meet Prana Our IV Hydration Team

Our Founder Kirk Wilson, RN, BSN, CEN

Kirk Wilson is a BSN prepared RN, Certified Emergency Nurse & GCU grad with 11 years experience as an ER & CCU RN.

Prior to founding Prana, Kirk served as Director of Operations for a mobile healthcare unit, was the Emergency Dept Clinical Coordinator at Arizona Heart Hospital, and worked in Emergency Rooms across Phoenix including Banner Thunderbird & St. Joe's.

Our Medical Director Dr. Ken Ota, DO

Dr. Ken Ota is board certified physician with over 10 years experience specializing in longevity, wellness & the prevention of chronic illness.

His passion for preventative medicine led him to found O Longevity & Wellness, a concierge medicine clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona where he practices as a personal wellness physician to patients across Scottsdale & Phoenix.

As medical director at Prana IV Therapy, Dr. Ota uses his expertise in wellness and chronic disease to develop IV therapy protocols that reflect the latest medical research, and is available to the Prana team 24 hours/day.

Prana Providers Our Physician-Led Team of RNs, NPs & PAs

Scottsdale IV Therapy Service

We have a team of RNs, Nurse Practitioners and Physicians Assistants across the Valley, ready to bring top-notch IV hydration service to your home, office or hotel, or to meet you at our convenient Scottsdale location.

We make it a priority to hire state-licensed Registered Nurses who are experts in IV hydration, with years of Emergency Room, Critical Care, SWAT or similar experience under their belt - essentially, they are the same RNs you will find in local Phoenix Emergency Rooms.

We work under the daily guidance and direction of a Scottsdale concierge physician, who develops our protocols, reviews each patient's individual wellness needs, and is available to our patients 24 hours/day.

We are always looking to add great RNs to our roster. If you're an RN with several years of experience in critical care/ER/similar, and you consider yourself an IV expert, please contact us today!

You, Version 2

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Visit Scottsdale IV Hydration Clinic

Prana IV Therapy Clinic

Welcome to our Scottsdale IV bar! It's a happy, relaxing space with GREAT vibes. Think soft lighting, real plants, glowing salt lamps, interesting books to browse, & relaxing music in the background while you hydrate your way back to health. Yes, it's OK if you fall asleep... almost everyone does!

Our clinic has 7 comfy, fully-reclining IV therapy chairs separated with curtains that can be pulled forward for a little extra privacy. We can easily accommodate larger parties with our flex seating, so don't hesitate to book your group!

We offer our full IV hydration menu, as well as clinical oxygen therapy & the entire range of injections! Make an appointment or call ahead at 480-202-4993 - or simply walk in anytime between 8am - 8pm, 7 days/week!

Prana Mission Statement Delivering Patient-Focused Wellness Services

Our Mission

Delivering Wellness

To provide patient-focused innovative wellness services with absolute integrity and impeccability of quality standards, nursing standards, level of service and care, and ease and convenience of access to affordable health & wellness therapies.

Our Vision

Accessible Wellness

For community members to have simple, affordable access to health and wellness therapies to improve the quality of life for people across all levels of acute and chronic illness, health & wellbeing.


Call or text anytime to book, or EARN UP TO 50 BONUS REWARDS POINTS* by booking online!