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Ozone Therapy: Recharge Your Cells

Ozone Therapy is a cutting edge therapy with dozens of potential health benefits, from increasing energy to boosting immunity to assisting in pathogen elimination (viruses, bacteria, parasites & fungi!)

Ozone is simply oxygen - O2 - converted into an active O3 form. When this activated oxygen is introduced into your body, it reacts with cells & tissues, boosting energy & immunity by helping cells use oxygen more effectively and crippling pathogens through a process called oxidation.

What benefits are clients reporting from Ozone Therapy?

  • Immunity Boost
  • Increased Energy
  • Better Brain Function
  • Descreased Inflammation
  • Antibacterial Effects
  • Anti-Parastic Effects
  • Anti-Mold Effects
  • Anti-Viral Effects

"I felt more energetic almost immediately after my treatment, with the results increasing over the next few hours. Loved it - I'll be doing it weekly!" - Michelle

"The clinic was spotlessly clean & comfortable, Kirk was an expert through the whole process, and I feel better than ever. A great tool for wellness!" - Stacy

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IV Ozone Therapy

Major Autohemotherapy (MAH)


Our signature ozone therapy is Major Autohemotherapy, or MAH. During this therapy a small amount of blood is removed by our trained & certified practitioner, infused with ozone, and put back into your bloodstream.

MAH typically takes about 45-60 minutes. Results can typically be felt shortly after the treatment, but will continue over several hours.

We offer Major Autohemotherapy in our Scottsdale clinic, just off the Scottsdale/Shea intersection, right on the border of Phoenix, Paradise Valley & Scottsdale. We encourage appointments, but walk-ins can usually be accommodated!

Mobile MAH service is not available at this time.

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Blood ozone MAH

Two Great Ways to Receive IV Ozone Therapy (MAH)

Stand Alone MAH Session

$180 - In Clinic Only

Stand Alone MAH consists of one (1) Major Autohemotherapy session. Takes about 45-60 minutes.

Perfect way to start MAH! Clients love it for an energy & brain power boost, to naturally increase their levels of NAD+, and to decrease inflammation (1, 2, 3).

MAH Session + High Dose Vitamin C

$340 - In Clinic Only

MAH Session + High Dose Vitamin C consists of one (1) Major Autohemotherapy session, immediately followed by one liter of lactated ringers & 25 grams of Vitamin C.

This is our gold standard immunity boosting package. Both ozone and high-dose IVC have been shown in studies to help with the destruction of pathogens and unhealthy cells through the process of oxidation. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)


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A Deeper Dive IV Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy: In Sickness & In Health


"Its effects are proven, consistent, safe and with minimal and preventable side effects."


Ozone therapy administers ozone, a colorless gas made up of three oxygen molecules, inside the body to stimulate a variety of responses such as boosting immunity, revving up the energy cycle, or directly tackling pathogens.

What are the different forms of ozone therapy?

Ozone is used in all sorts of ways:

  • Ozonated Olive Oil: Applied to the body.
  • Ozonated Water: This is drunk quickly after it's made, as it loses potency.
  • Rectal Insufflation: A small amount of gas is inserted via the rectum, and is absorbed into your system through the large intestine. Similar to an enema.
  • Ozone Injections: These are typically used in dentistry.
  • Major Autohemotherapy (MAH): Blood is withdrawn, thoroughly oxygentated with ozone, and put back into the bloodstream.
  • Ozone Sauna: Ozone is pumped into a sauna so it can be absorbed through the skin.

How does ozone therapy work?

Ozone gas is made using medical-grade oxygen and an ozone generator.

Once the gas is made it will slowly turn back into oxygen as the activated O3 seeks to break apart and align back into O2, so it must be used quickly.

Once this super-active ozone gas is introduced into the body (or a medium like water or oil) it reacts with amino acids and lipids, forming lipoperoxides. These lipoperoxides have a number of impacts in the body:

Ozone Therapy for Disease:

Ozone Therapy for Health:

Ozone Therapy Phoenix

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