Feel better, on demand. IV Therapy for Colds, Flu & Viruses

high dose iv vitamin c covid 19

SUPER SALE: $99 IN-CLINIC / $150 MOBILE Super Immunity Boost

Have you heard? IV Vitamin C is being used in hospitals around the world for Covid-19!

Dr. Andrew G. Weber (New York City): “The patients who received vitamin C did significantly better than those who did not get vitamin C... It helps a tremendous amount, but it is not highlighted because it’s not a sexy drug.” Read the article

Dr. Enqian Mao (Shanghai): "All patients who received IVC improved and there was no mortality... Early and high-dose IVC is quite helpful in helping Covid-19 patients." Read the article

It's with this Covid-19 data in mind that we crafted our Super Immunity Blast IV. We use 10,000 mg of IVC combined with 10mgs of zinc in one liter of lactated ringers - designed to help your body stay healthy this spring!

Right now our Super Immunity Blast is on sale for $99 in clinic or $150 to have an RN come to your home or office!

It's easy to book - just call 480-202-4993 / text 480-202-4993, book online, or simply walk in to our clinic at 10824 N 71st Place, Suite C, in Scottsdale. Open 8am-8pm, 7 days/week!


Call or text anytime to book, or EARN UP TO 50 BONUS REWARDS POINTS* by booking online!

Fast relief for flu & cold symptoms.

Prana IV Therapy makes it easy to feel better with IV therapy packages designed to knock out your cold & flu symptoms, fast.

IV Therapy for Colds & Flu

Cold & Flu Brew $150 / Mega Cold & Flu $225 More Choices for Colds, Flus & Viruses

What's in the Cold & Flu Brew?

  • 1 Liter of Fluids
  • Electrolytes
  • 1 Gram Vitamin C
  • Zinc

What's in The Mega?

  • Everything in Cold & Flu Brew
  • Non-Narcotic Pain Relief
  • Anti-Nausea Medicine
  • Magnesium
  • Glutathione
  • B Complex & B12

TWO Ways to Get Relief

  • YOUR LOCATION - We come to your home, hotel or office - anywhere in Phoenix & all suburbs!
  • OUR LOCATION - Come in to our relaxing Scottsdale clinic, at the corner of Scottsdale & Shea!

"Kirk was an absolute professional and helped right away when needed. He was very kind, thorough and helped me feel much better. You can trust Prana IV Therapy to rescue you and make you feel great again. Thank you! Would definitely recommend" - Jacque, Google Review

"What an excellent service! Kirk came to my home and explained all of my options and put together a combination of vitamins and medications that helped me feel so much better! I would highly recommend this service!! I definitely will be a repeat customer. Thank you!" - Shanna, Google Review

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It's easy to book - just call 480-202-4993 / text 480-202-4993, or book online today!

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Phoenix Mobile IV Therapy

  • We come to you - no travel fee!
  • Home, hotel, offfice, airbnb - we go anywhere
  • Call, text or book online - we send a nurse ASAP
  • Stay in bed! No driving, no waiting room, no hassle.

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It's easy to book - just call 480-202-4993 / text 480-202-4993, or book online today!

Ease Symptoms - Boost Immunity How Can IV Therapy Help Colds & Flu?

Relief from fevers, aches & dehydration

Whether it's the "hit-by-a-bus" feeling, the aching muscles, the foggy head, the chills & fevers, or the extreme fatigue - suffering from a virus is the worst.

What's worse than the worst? When the clinic tells you there's nothing that can be done!

While that is technically true - there isn't a medication that will really help fight off typical viruses - you DO have options!

What can be done?

There are a few ways that IV fluids, medications & supplements can help you overcome your viruses and those annoying symptoms.

IV therapy is one of the most effective ways to feel better fast from many of the common viral symptoms. Extra fluids are always needed during illness, and ours have balanced electrolytes to ensure your body gets exactly what it needs to rehydrate.

Our fluids are then combined into a an IV drip with pain and anti-nausea medicines that work rapidly, plus vitamins and minerals to replenish you at a cellular level and boost your immunity.


Call or text anytime to book, or EARN UP TO 50 BONUS REWARDS POINTS* by booking online!

Cold & Flu Brew

IV Therapy to Boost Your Immunity & Shorten Illness Duration

Fluids + Electrolytes

Replenish fluids lost due to fevers, diarrhea, running noses & other viral symptoms from the inside out while keeping your electrolytes in proper balance. Hydration is extra important in aiding your body's ability to fight off viruses - after all, everyone knows it's important to stay hydrated when they are sick!

Vitamin C

We add Vitamin C for it's known immune-boosting abilities.


The works - for that terrible flu or cold that needs a total knock out.

Includes everything in the Cold & Flu Brew, PLUS:


Reduces inflammation, helps with stress, relaxes achy muscles, helps you sleep.

B Complex

Essential for energy production. Helps relieve nausea, headaches, insomnia, and indigestion.


Builds new blood cells, helps with fatigue & brain fog.


The master antioxidant. Helps cells create energy, reduces cellular damage, helps your body detox.

Non-Narcotic Pain/Anti-Inflammatory Medication

We use a potent non-narcotic anti-inflammatory medication to quickly reduce pain and inflammation.

Anti-Nausea Medication

One of the worst migraine symptoms is the nausea. Our anti-nausea medication is highly effective at stopping nausea in it's tracks.

Feel better ASAP.

Don't waste another minute - knocking out those flu & cold symptoms couldn't be easier! Book your IV therapy appointment today.

A better way to feel better. Why Choose Prana IV Therapy?

Quick & Convenient

Prana Mobile IV Therapy brings IV hydration to you, anywhere in Phoenix - home, office or hotel - with no travel fees. Or come to our convenient location at Shea & Scottsdale Rd!

Safe & Effective

IV fluids rehydrate you at a cellular level, bypassing digestion. This allows vitamins & medications to be absorbed more effectively, so you get the most out of every supplement.

Digital Rewards

Our convenient app keeps track of your points, payment info, purchases, waivers and health history. Say goodbye to filling out paper work - we are 100% digital!

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It's easy to book - just call 480-202-4993 / text 480-202-4993, or book online today!

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