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Vitamin D Injections, Personalized.

Prana IV Therapy makes it easy to see the benefits of adequate vitamin D levels with personalized Vitamin D Injection protocols designed to optimize your Vitamin D levels, fast.

How does it work?

  • In-Clinic lab draw (walk-in anytime, or bring your recent labwork!)
  • 24-48 hours until we get your results.
  • We develop a personalized 6 month injection protocol tailored to your levels.
  • You walk in anytime for your first injection - at your convenience!
  • You return for additional injections according to your protocol - at your convenience (appointments never necessary!)
  • We retest in 6 months to see if we have you up to adequate levels!

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Vitamin D Injections - Scottsdale AZ

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The Sunshine Vitamin How Can Vitamin D Help Me?

Vitamin D: More Than Just A Vitamin

Vitamin D is an essential vitamin with impacts on mood, bone health, skin health and immunity. It may even help prevent respiratory infections, strokes, heart disease and Type II Diabetes! (Mayo Clinic)

In fact, Vitamin D has so many different impacts and roles in body processes that it's thought to behave more like a hormone than a vitamin!

We get Vitamin D from certain foods, like fatty fish and egg yolks, and our body can make it's own D with adequate sunlight. But it's pretty difficult to get enough Vitamin D through food and sunlight alone - and even Vitamin D-fortified foods like milk are typically not absorbed well.

How Can I Get My Vitamin Levels Optimized?

Our mission is to make access to vitamin therapies simple & affordable, so we make it easy to test your levels & get on the right track!

We do require labs prior to your Vitamin D injection, as it is a fat soluble vitamin. This means it can accumulate in your system instead of being flushed out like water soluble vitamins - so if your levels are already great, adding more could actually have negative effects!


Pop into the clinic anytime & get yourself tested! It's $99 as a stand alone lab draw, or $60 with purchase of an IV!

Have your own labs? Great - we are happy to use previous labwork! We need a fairly recent Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy, Total as well as a recent CMP (both are available at any Sonora Quest.)


We send labs out daily, so we typically will have your results back the next day. We will call you with results!


We have several protocols established depending on your individual Vitamin D levels, ranging from a single injection at $28 to a 6 month high-dose protocol at $350. You can purchase a series of 6, or go a la carte/pay as you go!


Come in anytime for your injections - walk-ins are always welcome!


Once your 6 months is up, retest to ensure you're at optimal levels! From there you can maintain levels with occasional booster doses on an as-needed basis.

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Benefits of Vitamin D

Vitamin D Injections at our Scottsdale Clinic


Vitamin D plays multiple essential roles in modulating the immune system. Maintaining adequate levels has never been more important!

Bone Health

Vitamin D is imperative for bone & teeth health! Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium effectively. 

Heart Health

Maintaining adequate Vitamin D levels are important for heart health. Higher blood levels help keep blood vessels healthy and supple, reducing risk for a variety of heart-related medical events.


Vitamin D may play a critical role in preventing or managing Type II diabetes by helping regulate blood glucose and metabolic control.

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A better way to feel better. Why Choose Prana IV Therapy?

Quick & Convenient

We make wellness convenient! Our clinic is open every day from 8am-8pm for walk-ins, so stop in anytime you need a boost!

Safe & Effective

Vitamin injections bypass digestion. This allows vitamins & medications to be absorbed more effectively, so you get the most out of every supplement.

Digital Rewards

Our convenient app keeps track of your points, payment info, purchases, waivers and health history. Say goodbye to filling out paper work - we are 100% digital!

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It's easy to book - just call 480-202-4993 / text 480-202-4993, or book online today!

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