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New Options for Iron Infusions in Phoenix Mobile & In-Clinic Iron Infusion

If you've been diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia, your doctor may have recommended an iron infusion to quickly boost iron levels. We can help!

Prana IV Therapy now offers 2 convenient options for IV iron infusions:

  • In our relaxing Scottsdale IV therapy clinic
  • In your home via our mobile IV therapy service

Our mission is to bring healthcare into the 21st century with telemedicine & concierge medicine innovations that put patient's needs first. We make receiving an iron infusion simple, affordable & convenient.

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  • We need 3 labs prior to treatment (we can assist you if you don't have them yet): Serum Ferritin Level -- CBC (Complete Blood Count) -- BMP (Basal Metabolic Panel)
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    What is Iron Deficiency Anemia?

    Iron deficiency anemia is a medical condition in which your blood doesn't have enough healthy red blood cells. You need health red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout your body & to your tissues.

    When your body can't get oxygen to it's cells & tissues, you feel tired & short of breath.


    From Mayo Clinic:
    • Fatigue
    • Weakness
    • Pale skin
    • Chest pain, fast heartbeat or shortness of breath
    • Headaches, dizziness or feeling light headed
    • Cold hands and feet
    • Swelling and/or soreness of the tongue
    • Brittle nails
    • Unusual cravings, like cravings for ice, dirt or starch
    • Poor appetite

    Can an Iron Infusion Help?

    An iron infusion delivers iron to the body directly into the vein - a method know as intravenous infusion.

    An iron infusion is a great option for treating iron deficiency anemia, particularly for those who have tried oral supplements and dietary changes without improvement. IV iron is formulated to be readily absorbed by the body and can quickly boost iron levels.

    Who Needs an Iron Infusion?

    Some of most common reasons people choose infusions over oral supplements are:

    • They can't take iron pills by mouth
    • The can't absorb enough iron through the gut
    • They can't absorb enough iron due to blood loss
    • They need to boost iron levels fast to avoid medical complications

    How Many Infusions Do I Need?

    That depends on your iron levels - we have protocols specific to your lab range.

    • For more mild anemia, maintenance or during pregnancy one infusion may be enough. Typically the effects last 6-12 months, but if the reasons for anemia are short term, a maintenance dose is likely not indicated.
    • For moderate anemia that doesn't respond to oral supplements or dietary changes, 3 infusions is typical. An occasional maintenance dose may be needed every 6-12 months or longer, indicated by labs.
    • For severe anemia we typically recommend 5 infusions, with a potential maintenance dose every 3-6 months as indicated by labwork.

    The impact of iron on energy levels isn't typically same-day, although you may feel energy from the extra hydration! The iron has to build new, healthy blood cells to oxygenate your tissues, so give the iron a week or two to work after your protocol before you assess your maintenance needs.

    Iron Benefits

    • Increased energy
    • Easier breathing
    • Improved muscle strength
    • Immunity boost
    • Improved concentration
    • Reduced bruising; improved skin tone
    • Better sleep

    How Does Iron Infusion Therapy Work?

    Prior to Scheduling Your Infusion

    We require some recent labwork before your iron infusion to ensure that iron infusion therapy is right for you.

    • Serum Ferritin Level
    • CBC (Complete Blood Count)
    • BMP (Basal Metabolic Panel)

    If you already have these recent labs, great! We can send you a link to upload them into our system, or you can bring them to your appointment.

    If you don't have labwork yet, but suspect iron deficiency anemia, we can help! Our physician can order them for you at your convenience, or we can assist you with finding self-order/walk-in labs in your area.

    Adding iron to a system that already has adequate iron levels will not boost energy, but can lead to iron toxicity, so we do need to see labwork prior to treatment. If you're feeling fatigue but do have adequate iron, we have a variety of other IV vitamin drips & oxygen therapy that can really help!

    Before Your Infusion

    • Eat normally - it's good to have something in your stomach to prevent nausea
    • Take medications normally
    • Wear comfortable clothing that allows us to access your forearm
    • Be prepared with a book or device to watch a video or play a game - the infusion can take 1-3 hours

    During Your Infusion

    • Your nurse will explain the procedure and prepare the area
    • Your nurse will insert the IV - you will feel a quick pinch during insertion, and possibly some pressure where the tube is inserted. If you like, we can use numbing spray to make you more comfortable.
    • If you have a history of multiple drug allergies, please be sure to tell us. We will do a small, slow test dose at first to ensure you don't have an type of serious reaction like anaphylaxis (very rare, but we like being cautious!) to intravenous iron.
    • The intravenous iron will drip over the course of 1-3 hours depending on the dose and how you feel.

    After Your Infusion

    Your nurse will remove your IV and bandage the insertion site. Most people feel fine, and can even go right back to work!

    Side effects can include:

    • headaches
    • nausea
    • muscle pain
    • shortness of breath
    • itchiness or rash
    • blood pressure changes
    • burning or swelling at injection site

    Ready? Questions? Fill out the form, or give us a call or text today!

    Iron Infusion - Request For Info

    • We need 3 labs prior to treatment (we can assist you if you don't have them yet): Serum Ferritin Level -- CBC (Complete Blood Count) -- BMP (Basal Metabolic Panel)
    • Drop files here or


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