How often can I receive IV therapy?

How Often IV Therapy

How often can you receive IV therapy?

Well... it depends!

Acute illness, like food poisoning, flu, hangover, or a cold? One treatment may help rehydrate you enough to push through, or call us on back-to-back days if you're suffering with diarrhea or vomiting that just won't relent.

Migraines? It works best if you call us as soon as you feel it coming, but we are often able to help patients find relief even when they call on day 3 of a migraine.

Low energy, or chronic illnesses and GI issues that leave you depleted? Many of our clients with these issues opt for weekly treatments to try to get on top of their hydration and micronutrient needs, and they love the consistent boost of energy from weekly treatments.

Performance goals? We have many weekly, biweekly, or single-event-based clients who love the way they feel, look & perform when they are treating themselves to IV therapy on a regular basis, or even just in the few days leading up to an event!

There's no one size fits all. When in doubt, check with one of our medical professionals about what's right for you & your specific medical history & needs!


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