Group Rates Available!

Group Mobile IV Therapy Scottsdale

Group Rates Available – Mobile IV Therapy Scottsdale Prana IV Therapy now offers group discounts on mobile IV therapy to any group of 3 or more! Whether you’re recovering from a night out with friends, a bachelor or bachelorette party, a marathon or ultra race, or just an unfortunate incidence of the flu or food…

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Hangover IV Scottsdale

hangover iv therapy scottsdale 400

Scottsdale AZ knows how to have a good time… but that morning after hangover can be rough. No worries – Prana IV Therapy offers Scottsdale an easy way to fix that hangover – IV therapy! We offer our 86 Hangover IV Drip both in our Scottsdale clinic & via our mobile service. That’s right -…

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Hangover IV ER Bill 2x the Cost of the Wedding!

Hangover ER IV

Cameron couldn’t keep anything down the morning after his bachelor party, so he went to the ER to fix his hangover (a groom’s gotta make his rehearsal dinner!) ‼️$12,460 later‼️ his hangover cost twice what his wedding cost! What did his visit entail? “A nurse started an IV, gave Fischer two bags of saline and a dose…

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