Cold Got You Down?

cold flu iv drip room scottsdale

Cold got you down? 🤧 Give yourself a boost & get right back in the game! There’s a cold floating around the valley, but you don’t need to just wait it out. There’s a better way to feel better, fast – IV therapy! 💦 Hydrate back to life with a liter of alkaline fluids to…

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Hangover IV ER Bill 2x the Cost of the Wedding!

Hangover ER IV

Cameron couldn’t keep anything down the morning after his bachelor party, so he went to the ER to fix his hangover (a groom’s gotta make his rehearsal dinner!) ‼️$12,460 later‼️ his hangover cost twice what his wedding cost! What did his visit entail? “A nurse started an IV, gave Fischer two bags of saline and a dose…

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Prana IV Therapy Social Media

Prana IV Therapy Scottsdale Social Media

Prana IV Therapy Scottsdale is Social! We love to blog, but we love posting on social media even more! Follow us on your favorite platforms & never miss a sale! 😉 We hope to see you there! Instagram Facebook Pinterest

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