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Scottsdale AZ knows how to have a good time... but that morning after hangover can be rough. No worries - Prana IV Therapy offers Scottsdale an easy way to fix that hangover - IV therapy!

We offer our 86 Hangover IV Drip both in our Scottsdale clinic & via our mobile service. That's right - you can have your hangover IV delivered to you, anywhere in Scottsdale, Phoenix or surrounding suburbs! Welcome to the roaring 20s!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Vitamin supplementation is for wellness only, and not intended to cure or treat disease.

So why does the hangover IV work so well?


Ah, hydration. We all know fluids are the key to both avoiding and fixing hangovers. Alcohol literally causes your brain to force your kidneys to work overtime - if you drink 200 ml of beer, you don't pee just 200 ml of urine - you actually lose 320 ml!

Alcohol is really, really dehydrating. So why not just keep chugging that bottle of good old fashioned water and wait it out?

While you CAN eventually drink your way out of your hangover (by drinking water, guys. Water.) it's not the most efficient way to get fluids into your thirsty, dehydrated cells.

When you drink water, it has to filter down through your whole digestive system before it can be absorbed. In fact, it can take hours for your body to absorb enough water orally to properly hydrate your cells and flush out the toxins left over in your liver from the alcohol you consumed.

IV hydration works differently. The fluids are going directly into your bloodstream, where they can have an immediate impact on your body's hydration levels. You can absorb more fluids intravenously, and those fluids start working faster - which means the hangover IV Scottsdale will help you feel better faster than just drinking water.


Electrolytes are simply mineral salts that are dissolved within our body's fluids. You probably know them best from those fruity, colored sports drinks. Or maybe you just know them as what plants crave.

Either way, your body (unlike plants) really does crave electrolytes, and because you lose them along with the fluid whenever you pee or sweat, you need to replenish them when you are dehydrated. From How Stuff Works: "Serious salt imbalances, like those that occur with dehydration, may lead to heart and nervous system problems that, unless they are rapidly resolved, can result in a medical emergency."

That's why drinking plain old tap water is not the most effective choice when you're hungover. You need to replace those electrolytes along with your fluids - otherwise your body's balance gets thrown off. This could actually make you pee even more as you body works to maintain the right electrolyte levels.

Hangover IV fluids aren't just plain water - the IV fluids contains important electrolytes, balanced to seamlessly hydrate without causing extra stress on your system. And because they don't have to go through your stomach, you can feel the benefits sooner than by just drinking sports drinks.

Prana IV Therapy uses a special type of fluid called Lactated Ringers Solution that's superior for hangover IV therapy. This is alkalizing in your body, unlike Normal Saline. It also contains a balance of electrolytes like sodium, calcium & potassium - unlike Normal Saline which is just salt water.

B Vitamins

B vitamins are some of the most important vitamins to replenish if you consume alcohol. Alcohol drains your body's levels of B vitamins, which can lead to many of the usual hangover symptoms.

You liver requires high amounts B vitamins to be able to process alcohol at all, so it's no surprise that your stores are depleted after a night out on the town. Not only that, but alcohol actually taxes your system and makes it harder to absorb more B vitamins from your food!

A shortage of B vitamins can lead to a number of unpleasant symptoms. Fatigue is a big one, because B vitamins actually help your cells create energy. Mild depression is another one of the most common side effects of B-vitamin depletion - blame that hungover grumpiness on your B vitamin levels. Left unchecked, deficiency can even cause brain and nerve damage.

We add B vitamins to all of our hangover IV treatments. And IV fluids are even more effective than just popping a vitamin or eating vitamin B-rich foods, because they bypass your digestion completely! Residual alcohol can be processed out of your system faster, your cells can start creating energy again, and you can get back to your weekend.


Glutathione is a great addition to your hangover IV. Know as the "master antioxidant," glutathione is found in every cell in your body! It  works inside your liver to make toxic substances safe enough to be flushed out of your system.

As alcohol is processed inside your liver, it creates some really toxic chemicals called acetaldehydes which are even more toxic than the alcohol itself! If these chemicals are in your system for long, they cause symptoms like nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, and headaches.

Your liver uses glutathione to quickly attack these acetaldehydes and break them down into a safer substance (vinegar) that can be transported out of your body. If you just a have a drink or 2 over the course of a couple hours, your liver probably has enough glutathione to handle the acetaldehydes. But when your liver runs out of glutathione, it can't neutralize these nasty chemicals anymore - leading to nausea, vomiting and headaches.

Adding glutathione to a hangover IV is a great way to help your liver top off it's stores so that it can detox more effectively. Glutathione IVs are more effective that oral supplements, as glutathione isn't absorbed as effectively through your digestive track. And pre-hydrating with a glutathione IV may even be a way to drastically decrease your hangover potential altogether - try it and see!


We also add magnesium to our hangover IV Scottsdale. Magnesium relaxes your tensed-up muscles, helps produce serotonin to make you feel happy, and is an essential electrolyte that should be balanced after a night of depletion.


We always recommend a gentle blast of oxygen for fixing that hangover. Our patients LOVE it - they say it almost instantly clears their head, reduces their nausea and gives them energy. We bring the medical-grade oxygen to you - no other company offers this premium mobile oxygen service in the valley!

Anti-Inflammatory & Anti-Nausea Medicine

Hangover IVs can also include anti-inflammatory pain medicine - perfect for fighting those headaches and body aches - and anti-nausea medicine.

While not "natural hangover cures" like fluids, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, sometimes your Saturday calls for better living through science. These effective IV medicines will have you back on your game in no time.

Ready for your hangover IV, Scottsdale? We are ready to help!

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