Glendale IV Therapy

glendale IV therapy

Glendale IV Therapy No matter where you live in the Phoenix metro area, we come to you! We offer mobile IV service all over Phoenix, including mobile IV therapy in Glendale, Arizona! We actually have a distributed team of IV professionals located across the valley, so there is always someone in your area, ready to…

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Chandler IV Therapy

Chandler IV Therapy Chandler AZ

Chandler IV Therapy Prana IV Therapy offer mobile IV service all over Phoenix, including Chandler IV therapy! Our team of RNs is there is always someone in your area, ready to bring IV therapy to your home, office or hotel and help you feel better fast! About Chandler, Arizona Chandler, Arizona is one of the…

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Stomach Flu or Influenza?

iv fluids flu

IV Fluids for Stomach Flu or Influenza Stomach flu vs flu – the terms are commonly used interchangeably, but did you know they are actually very different illnesses? The stomach flu is essentially a catch-all term for Viral Gastroenteritis – a fancy way of saying a stomach virus. There are a number of viruses that…

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Mesa IV Therapy

mesa iv therapy

Mesa IV Therapy Need Mesa IV therapy? You’re in luck! We now offer mobile, in-home IV service all over the entire Phoenix area, including mobile Mesa IV Therapy service! Prana IV Therapy has mobile RNs located in Mesa, ready to bring mobile IV therapy to your home, office or hotel! About Mesa, Arizona Mesa, Arizona…

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Gilbert IV Therapy

gilbert iv therapy

Gilbert IV Therapy Live or work in the East Valley? Looking for IV therapy Gilbert? Wherever you live in Phoenix, Prana IV Therapy comes to you! We offer mobile IV therapy service all over Phoenix, including mobile IV therapy in Gilbert, Arizona! Our RNs are located across the valley, so there is always someone in…

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Glutathione IV Therapy

glutathione iv therapy scottsdale phoenix

Glutathione IV Therapy *These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Vitamin supplementation is for wellness only, and not intended to cure or treat disease. Glutathione is an important antioxidant that our body uses in it’s daily detoxification processes, helping to keep our cells, tissues and organs young and healthy. Our cells (primarily in…

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Group Rates Available!

Group Mobile IV Therapy Scottsdale

Group Rates Available – Mobile IV Therapy Scottsdale Prana IV Therapy now offers group discounts on mobile IV therapy to any group of 3 or more! Whether you’re recovering from a night out with friends, a bachelor or bachelorette party, a marathon or ultra race, or just an unfortunate incidence of the flu or food…

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Cold Got You Down?

cold flu iv drip room scottsdale

Cold got you down? 🤧 Give yourself a boost & get right back in the game! There’s a cold floating around the valley, but you don’t need to just wait it out. There’s a better way to feel better, fast – IV therapy! 💦 Hydrate back to life with a liter of alkaline fluids to…

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Hangover IV Scottsdale

hangover iv therapy scottsdale 400

Scottsdale AZ knows how to have a good time… but that morning after hangover can be rough. No worries – Prana IV Therapy offers Scottsdale an easy way to fix that hangover – IV therapy! We offer our 86 Hangover IV Drip both in our Scottsdale clinic & via our mobile service. That’s right -…

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New! Iron Infusions

iron infusions scottsdale

Tired, pale, weak & cold? It might be iron deficiency anemia! If you’ve been diagnosed with severe iron deficiency, your doctor might recommend an iron infusion to quickly boost iron levels via an IV. We can help! Prana IV Therapy now offers 2 convenient options for IV iron infusions: 💦In our relaxing Scottsdale IV therapy…

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