CLINIC SALE! 20% Off In-Clinic IV Drips

20% Off Scottsdale IV Therapy


20% off ALL our in-clinic IV drips! That's right - receive ANY drip in our Scottsdale clinic & automatically save 20% off!

Prana IV Therapy is conveniently located in Scottsdale, just off Scottsdale & Shea at 10824 N 71st Place Suite C!

HOW can IV therapy help YOU?

 Food poisoning
 Stomach bugs
 Morning sickness
 Heat exhaustion
 Athletic performance
 Athletic recovery
 Weight loss
 Skin health
 Brain health
 Chronic fatigue
 GI issues
 Chronic Illnesses

Don't waste time feeling sick. Feel better NOW with an IV drip!

About Jamie Wilson

Jamie Wilson is Director of Marketing at Prana IV Therapy. Passionate about all things health & wellness, Jamie loves being a part of a company whose mission is to provide patient-focused innovative wellness services with absolute integrity and impeccability of quality standards, nursing standards, level of service and care, and ease and convenience of access to affordable health & wellness therapies.