Golf & Dehydration

Golf & Dehydration

You already know golf & dehydration is a major issue, especially here in Scottsdale & Phoenix. A day in the sun, maybe a few adult beverages, and never enough cold bottles of water can take their toll and leave you feeling pretty cruddy.

But can dehydration actually affect your golf game?

YES IT CAN! And any other sport, too. Dehydration absolutely impacts performance on the course, and there's a study that proves it!

The study, titled "Effect of Acute Mild Dehydration on Cognitive-Motor Performance in Golf" explores the relationship between golf & dehydration.

It's findings:

"Mild dehydration can impair distance, accuracy, and distance judgment during golf performance."

What can you do to stay properly hydrated?

You can start by drinking water - at least a couple bottles the night before you play, a bottle when you wake up, and one bottle per hour (more if temps are above 90!) while you're on the course, according to

If endless bottles of water don't cut it, you have options. Being located right in the heart of Scottsdale, we see hundreds of golfers each year who are looking for extra hydration via IV therapy.

  • Some golfers like to pre-hydrate the day before, especially if they are competing in a tournament and want to maintain optimal cognitive function. They might opt for our Brain Food package, which contains NAD+ to clear out brain fog.
  • Many golfers stop in to the clinic in the afternoon, to get a boost of energy & hydration between their morning round & evening activities in Scottsdale. They often go for a Myers' Cocktail, with a slew of vitamins, minerals and supplements for energy & balance.
  • Golfers also stop in the next day - sometimes the negative feelings from dehydration don't become obvious until later on. They may choose The Mega, which includes an NSAID for those aches & pains.

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