iron infusions scottsdale

Tired, pale, weak & cold? It might be iron deficiency anemia!

If you've been diagnosed with severe iron deficiency, your doctor might recommend an iron infusion to quickly boost iron levels via an IV. We can help!

Prana IV Therapy now offers 2 convenient options for IV iron infusions:

💦In our relaxing Scottsdale IV therapy clinic, or
💦In your home via our mobile IV therapy service

We do require lab work prior to scheduling your iron infusion - we can use recent labs from your current provider, or help you in obtaining new labs. Please fill out our online form to get started!

If you're in Scottsdale or surrounding areas, there's a better way to receive iron infusions. Get started today!

Iron Infusion - Request For Info

  • We need 3 labs prior to treatment (we can assist you if you don't have them yet): Serum Ferritin Level -- CBC (Complete Blood Count) -- BMP (Basal Metabolic Panel)
  • Drop files here or

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