New – Online Booking!

Prana IV Therapy Scottsdale Book Online

We now have a better way to conveniently book & manage your appointments, and fill out a quick intake form, directly from our website. If you thought our appointments were quick & easy before, just wait until you try out our new technology!

You can book right from our website with just a name, phone number, email, & service address for your visit! Appointments can be booked for as soon as 1 hour from now.

You will instantly receive an email confirmation, as well as an email with a link to your online intake form.

Simply fill it out on any device & click submit, and when it's time for your appointment you will be paperwork-free!

Once your forms are in our system, you won't have to fill out new forms for future appointments unless you need to make changes to address, allergies, etc.

No time to fill out your form? No problem! You can easily fill it out on your RN's tablet at your appointment.

Did you book with us over the phone, and can't find the link to the forms? Simply head over to

Investing in great, simple-to-use technology is just another way Prana is leveling-up wellness and continuing our mission to make feeling amazing easy & convenient. Give us a try today!

About Jamie Wilson

Jamie Wilson is Director of Marketing at Prana IV Therapy. Passionate about all things health & wellness, Jamie loves being a part of a company whose mission is to provide patient-focused innovative wellness services with absolute integrity and impeccability of quality standards, nursing standards, level of service and care, and ease and convenience of access to affordable health & wellness therapies.