Vitamin IV Drip

Vitamin IV Drip

Vitamin IV Drip - What the Wellness?

Great article & video from Well & Good's "What the Wellness" Youtube series!

From the article: “If you think about it, when you take in food or a supplement, you have to digest it and it has to get absorbed in order to get to the right place,” Erika Schwartz, MD of Manhattan’s Evolved Science previously told Well+Good. “When you do an IV, you’ve bypassed all of that and you’re going directly into the bloodstream. It’s a lot faster.”

It's a great take on the process of getting a vitamin IV drip - stay tuned until the end to see how the reporter feels! (Hint: IT'S GREAT!)

Want the same vitamin IV drip the Well & Good reporter tried? We can hook you up (pun intended of course, because we love IV puns!)

She received a combination of vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, and vitamin B12 for $249 at an NYC IV bar.

We offer the Myers' Cocktail via both our mobile IV therapy service or in our Scottsdale IV bar for only $175, which includes

  • Potassium
  • Calcium
  • B Complex
  • B12 MIC
  • Vitamin C
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Glutathione

It's a FANTASTIC deal for a beauty & wellness boost that you can feel!

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