Cold Got You Down?

cold flu iv drip room scottsdale

Cold got you down? 🤧 Give yourself a boost & get right back in the game! There’s a cold floating around the valley, but you don’t need to just wait it out. There’s a better way to feel better, fast – IV therapy! 💦 Hydrate back to life with a liter of alkaline fluids to…

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Hangover IV Scottsdale

hangover iv therapy scottsdale 400

Scottsdale AZ knows how to have a good time… but that morning after hangover can be rough. No worries – Prana IV Therapy offers Scottsdale an easy way to fix that hangover – IV therapy! We offer our 86 Hangover IV Drip both in our Scottsdale clinic & via our mobile service. That’s right -…

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Food Poisoning IV Therapy

Food Poisoning IV Therapy Scottsdale

Food poisoning IV therapy: the ultimate food poisoning home remedy *These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Vitamin supplementation is for wellness only, and not intended to cure or treat disease. Food poisoning is no fun. A Friday night trip to a restaurant can turn into a weekend of misery – nausea, vomiting,…

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New! Iron Infusions

iron infusions scottsdale

Tired, pale, weak & cold? It might be iron deficiency anemia! If you’ve been diagnosed with severe iron deficiency, your doctor might recommend an iron infusion to quickly boost iron levels via an IV. We can help! Prana IV Therapy now offers 2 convenient options for IV iron infusions: 💦In our relaxing Scottsdale IV therapy…

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New Years Day Special – $100 Hangover Drips

🎉NEW YEARS DAY SPECIAL!🎉 $100 IN-CLINIC HANGOVER DRIPS ($120 MOBILE, ANYWHERE IN THE VALLEY!) – REGULARLY $150!! That’s right – today only save $50 while you relax in our zen IV clinic & get rehydrated with electrolytes, B vitamins, glutathione & magnesium! Add pain or nausea meds for just an extra $25! Or have our RNs…

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B12 MIC Injection Package

B12 MIC Shots Scottsdale

You might have heard about the reported energy-supporting powers of weekly B12 MIC injections. But what is B12 MIC, and why are people all over Scottsdale coming into Prana for their B12 MIC injections? *These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Vitamin supplementation is for wellness only, and not intended to cure or…

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Top 5 Wellness Trends Article

IV Drips Wellness Trends

👀 Look what made #2 on the list of CNBC & Yelp’s Top 5 Wellness Trends: IV Drips! From the article: “Receiving an intravenous solution of vitamins has gone from a medical treatment for extreme dehydration to a wellness trend. Yelp first noticed the trend in 2008, but between 2016 and 2019 the site experienced a…

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Vitamin B IV Therapy

Vitamin B IV

Vitamin B Complex seems to be everywhere these days – in fact, it has so many known benefits and so few drawbacks that we include it in almost all of our IV infusions – but what is B Complex and why is it so important?  *These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Vitamin…

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New! Rewards Program

Prana IV Therapy Rewards

BREAKING NEWS! You’ve been asking for a way to earn free drips – now we’re rewarding your loyalty with our exclusive points program: 💦Drips With Benefits! ✅You earn a point for each dollar you spend with Prana, plus bonus points for booking online & referring friends. You even earn extra points when friends you referred book…

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Hangover IV ER Bill 2x the Cost of the Wedding!

Hangover ER IV

Cameron couldn’t keep anything down the morning after his bachelor party, so he went to the ER to fix his hangover (a groom’s gotta make his rehearsal dinner!) ‼️$12,460 later‼️ his hangover cost twice what his wedding cost! What did his visit entail? “A nurse started an IV, gave Fischer two bags of saline and a dose…

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